Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Batu Bergambar at Sungai Jaong, Santubong

The famous sandstone Batu Bergambar (Picture Rock) with a figure of a human become a tourist attraction, the true fact found in 1000AD, Sungai Jaong is an ancient industrial sites, can be found stoneware pottery, glass beads and iron slag surrounded that area.This rock is still around and today, it is presently under the Sarawak Museum’s care & can be found outside the Sarawak Museum & beside Tun Adul Razak Museum.
Iran Slag

Some of the carved sandstone boulders at the site
According to the study of past history, traders come earliest settlement in Santubong, who came from China and India, usually they come with jars, salt, necklaces and beads and textiles, to make the exchange of resin, bird nests, rhinoceros horn and cane.

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